They revealed the curious objects they found from Rocío Oliva in Diego Maradona's container

2022-06-16 13:32:02 By : Mr. Shawn Tang

This week it was learned that Diego Maradona's heirs initiated legal action after verifying that his valuable collection watches and jewelry were not in the container that was brought from Dubai, although Mario Baudry revealed that Rocío Oliva's things were.During his visit to LAM (América TV), Ángel de Brito asked Dieguito Fernando's lawyer what they found in the container.“What was there is in the minutes and they are some of Diego's t-shirts, things that he had in the house in Dubai.There were all the gym machines that he had, his bed,” Baudry noted.“Then there were a lot of things from Rocío.She thinks that container arrived in Argentina when she was still with Diego.There were clothes, sneakers, things of hers,” he added."They told me that there were some CDs," said De Brito, to which the lawyer clarified that they were classified as "medical ointments."“Medical ointments?You turned red, Mario.He's not going to say it, I'm going to do it.There were erotic issues: little toys, a CD with images.They were not from Diego and Rocío.I don't know which of the two likes porn, but they were in the box," Angel told him."There were a lot of medical documents," Baudry said."I say little toys and he says medical documents," De Brito threw out, and asked him what the heirs will do with those objects.“I was not, but it is a decision of the heirs.The things were there.The container arrived when she was still with Diego, so she never knew her things were there.Diego had been looking for that container for a year,” said Baudry.Last Friday, the five children of Diego Maradona had a strong meeting in which they had to open the containers that had arrived from Dubai.There were the belongings of the Ten that had remained in that country.And now, as reported by Carlos Monti in Nosotros a la Mañana, Dalma, Gianinna, Diego Jr., Jana and Verónica Ojeda (representative of her son Dieguito) were greatly disappointed.It turns out that when they opened the boxes, they discovered that important Maradona objects were missing, such as watches, rings and gold chains."Last Friday, all the children of Diego Maradona went to the northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires where two huge containers with objects from the Ten are located," Monti detailed."The floodgates were opened, there were the children of Diego and Vero Ojeda representing Dieguito Fernando. Diego Jr was there, remember that he came to Argentina because he wanted to go to his father's tomb to pray. The point is that, when they open them, they begin to see shirts, pants, hats, gifts, trophies, everything. But someone said: 'Excuse me, where are Diego's watches?'Diego's famous watches. Where are Diego's jewelry? And where is Diego's gold chain? They are not in the container, "added the journalist.Then he commented: "I cut the story here and I open a parenthesis. Diego died, from Matías Morla's side, they say that in Dubai there was a kind of little box where Diego put watches, rings, gold chains and others. That was given to Monona, who was the person who was with Diego there in Dubai. He was his trusted person. In turn, he arrived in Buenos Aires and gave himself up, they say from Matías Morla's side to Claudia Villafañe. ""How strange because Morla has no relationship with Villafañe," said Pollo Álvarez."That's what they say from Morla's side. They say: 'We have nothing to do with it, we deliver the box where the jewelry was.' I insist, now the children say: 'No, but stop. A lot of things are missing '" Monty explained.Lastly, he said: "Now there is a criminal complaint because the complaint was made before the justice system of the missing people who are here. The truth is that now another judicial contingency is opened to see where the things are that they say should have come from Dubai and who, apparently, are not there".