Shelter prepares prayer, vigil and procession in honor of the 53 deceased migrants

2022-07-02 00:40:59 By : Ms. Amy lv

Ciudad Juarez—During a candlelight vigil and procession, staff at the El Paso Annunciation House shelter will pray next Tuesday for the 53 migrants who died inside a container trailer in San Antonio, Texas.“Unable to access the asylum process in the United States, they risked their lives in an effort to find protection or employment in the United States.Instead, their trip ended up in that semi-trailer truck, which turned into an oven where they suffered a horrible death,” said the organization when calling on the border community to come next Tuesday, July 5, at 7:00 p.m. number 1003 of San Antonio Este street, in the neighboring city.ADVERTISINGThe migrants were found last Monday, June 27, inside a trailer.According to the authorities, there were a total of 64 people from Mexico and Central America, 53 of whom lost their lives due to extreme heat and lack of air.“In their name we will gather in prayer, vigil and procession to recognize their status as persons and their God-given right to have lived and made a life for themselves.Let's not let his last breath in that dark, suffocating trailer be the complete end of these 53 human beings.Let their lives drive us all to put an end to policies like Title 42, which forces refugees to risk everything to find life,” Casa Anunciación reported this The best way to buy or sell your car - VisitPublications and Printing Paso del Norte S. de RL de CV Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua